Two Point Zero is a design studio based in New York City. The studio specializes in the adaptive reuse of existing structures. By amplifying the site’s history and aesthetic, we work to create spaces that provide the framework to live, work and eat while being rooted in our time and place. 

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Location: New York
Year Completed: 2019
Program: Restaurant
Context: Full Renovation Restaurant
Client: HAND Hospitality
Design: Two Point Zero

“It was important for us to not over design the interior and create a clear line between the new and the existing.”

The hotpot served at O:N exposes the cooking process as each ingredient is added to the bowl of broth cooking in front of you. We translated this by stripping the interior down to it’s basic elements. The existing cinderblock walls and concrete floors are exposed while new elements such as the Juniper lighting, stone bench and kitchen walls contrast these rough textures. Each interior element is clear and honest on its own but creates a cohesive space when viewed as a whole.